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New Event: Jump Race to 50

AnarchyLena, Jan 9, 13 1:37 PM.
Race to 50 with your new Jump character! Once all participants reach level 50, there will be a PVP event. The winner of this event will take home 250 gold plus any gold from additional donations!

There is a 20 gold participation fee. Sign up today!

*Send the 20 gold to LoliLena with the following info:
Title: Say if it's Donation or Entrance Fee
In the description put the jump character's name that you will use and if you want your donation to remain anonymous.

For example:

Only 1 jump character per person.  Only 1 Entrance Fee is accepted.  Donations are unlimited.
Entrance Fees will go towards guild bank.  Donations can be any amount of gold.

Donator's List:
Xephelion: 25g
LoliLena: 48g

Total donations and prize: 323g
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